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Giri turistici a Parigi

Explore and discover Paris and its surroundings with one of our exciting, comfortable and popular sightseeing tours! We offer both guided tours and more independent hop-on hop off tours. As well as cruises on the River Seine and of course plenty of tours that include a visit up the Eiffel Tower! Join us on a tour to Versailles or the Mont Saint-Michel, or visit the famous Louvre Museum. Enjoy browsing through our large selection of the many sights that Paris has to offer!

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Giri turistici a Parigi

Esplora Parigi e molto altro con una guida esperta! Qui puoi trovare tour guidati dei musei più famosi come quelli del Louvre e d'Orsay, tour di un'intera giornata di Versailles, tour in Normandia, a Mont Saint Michel, Reims e molto altro.

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